Why work in the food industry?

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on 14/10/2023

Why work in the food industry?

Agri-food is a flourishing sector, particularly in Quebec, where raw materials abound and their quality is unquestionable. 

Fed Manutech, an agribusiness job provider for technician, engineer and manager positions, tells you more about this constantly growing sector.

What is the agri-food industry?

Agrifood, a hybrid term combining "agro" for agriculture and "food" for the transformation of products into food, embodies a major sector of our economy. It encompasses all activities linked to the production, processing, distribution, and marketing of food products.

It is a key sector in the food chain, from the cultivation of raw materials to the availability of finished products on supermarket shelves.

1. A sector with stable jobs

The food industry enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a source of stable employment. The foundation of this stability lies in the demand for food, which remains constant, whatever the state of the economy.

Jobs in the sector range from agricultural production to food manufacturing and distribution, guaranteeing diverse and perennial career opportunities.

2. Professions that have an impact on the environment

Today's food industry is at the heart of environmental concerns. It faces major sustainability challenges, such as managing natural resources, reducing food waste, and reducing its carbon footprint.

Professionals in this sector are increasingly called upon to implement environmentally-friendly practices, from farm to table, thus making a significant contribution to protecting the planet.

3. Diverse and innovative opportunities

The agri-food sector offers an impressive range of career opportunities, from technical positions to management functions and research and development. What's more, innovation is a constant in this field, with companies competing to develop new products, manufacturing processes and technologies. This diversity and innovative spirit attracts creative and ambitious minds looking for a variety of professional challenges.

Food trends are constantly evolving, creating new opportunities for innovation. Growing demand for foods that are organic, sustainable, and tailored to specific diets is driving the creation of new jobs in the sector, offering exciting career prospects.

4. Agribusiness can be seasonal

The agri-food industry also has seasonal jobs, particularly in agricultural regions. Fruit harvesting, winemaking and other seasonal activities create temporary work opportunities.

These temporary contracts offer unique experience, the chance to work outdoors, and often attractive remuneration, which may be of interest to those looking for variety in their career path or a seasonal source of income.

How to succeed in the agri-food industry?

Success in the agri-food sector relies on mastering technical skills; this includes understanding food safety standards, mastering production processes, and quality management. A thorough understanding of markets and products, as well as the ability to adapt to constant changes in the industry, are essential.

Curiosity and innovation are also essential. Agri-food is a constantly evolving field, where the search for new ideas and practices is paramount to staying competitive. Interpersonal skills, such as communication, team management and conflict resolution, are essential for collaborating effectively with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Agri-food professions that are recruiting

The agri-food sector is constantly on the lookout for talent in a variety of professions. Food engineers, food quality specialists, supply chain managers, microbiologists and many other professionals are constantly in demand. These professions offer promising career prospects, competitive salaries and opportunities to make a positive impact on the food industry. They include:

  • Food engineer – Responsible for the design, development and improvement of food products, as well as the management of production processes.
  • Quality Control Technician – Carries out checks and tests to guarantee the quality of food products.
  • Food Quality Manager – Ensures that food products meet established quality standards, by supervising production processes and quality controls.
  • Food Sustainability Specialist – Contributes to the implementation of environmentally-friendly practices in food production.
  • Agri-food research and development manager – Works on innovation and development of new food products.

<H2>Fed Manutech contributes to the development of the agri-food sector

Engineering recruitement is no easy task. At Fed Manutech, we mediate between candidates in the sector and companies so that each party can find the ideal employee. Consult our job offers or send us your unsolicited application so that we can help you boost your career! 😊

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