Recruiting services and job offers for the Engineering sector

Fed Manutech assists both recruiters and candidates in their search and their process. How can we do this?


Looking for an engineering job in Montreal?

Fed Manutech is committed to helping you find the ideal job, adapted to your skills and ambitions. With a desire to develop your career in the fields of engineering or industry, we use our expertise and our relationships with our clients to promote your application. If you don't find what you're looking for among our current offers, feel free to send us a spontaneous application! Our top priority is to help you succeed at every step of your career.

Recruiters: You want to hire an engineer?

At Fed Manutech, we understand that every company has unique requirements when looking to recruit engineering and industrial talent. Do you need an experienced employee? We can help.

We listen to your individual needs and requirements before compiling a portfolio of the best possible candidates for temporary or permanent contracts. Our extensive network is full of carefully selected specialists, ensuring that each one fits perfectly into your corporate culture. Start today by choosing us as your ideal recruitment partner!


Contact our engineering placement agency

Located in the heart of the action, our offices are based in Montreal. You can visit us or contact us by phone to make sure you are getting the services you need and to meet experts in engineering recruitment.

Our fields of expertise in Engineering

At Fed Manutech, we understand that the engineering field is a competitive market that requires highly qualified experts.

As an engineering placement agency in Montreal, our mission is to ensure that these same candidates have access to the opportunities they desire and that recruiters find the perfect talent for them. We are proud to successfully connect both parties, who look forward to contributing immensely to the growth of the industry!

The strengths of Fed Manutech, our engineering recruitment firm

Fed Group is an international leader in recruitment, offering unparalleled expertise in different countries and sectors. Explore the unique benefits of a partnership with Fed Manutech for your professional needs!

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A solid recruitment process

We ensure that every application is treated with the utmost care, guiding you through every step of the recruitment process.

Our team of professional experts will thoroughly review your profile and is available to support you throughout your integration into a new role. We want to make sure that you can reach your full potential!

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An excellent understanding of the engineering and industrial sectors

Fed Manutech has significant experience in recruiting engineers, allowing us to help you find exactly the right candidate. Our commitment goes even further - we care about our community, the environment, and strive to ensure equal opportunity for everyone we work with. Learn more about Fed Manutech's commitment today!

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The highest quality of service

At Fed Manutech, we believe that recruiting the right person can revolutionize any business. That's why we go above and beyond to provide you with comprehensive information on potential candidates - through face-to-face interviews and specialized assessment tools.

That way, your decision is informed and you know exactly who will help your team grow in a meaningful way!

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