Fed Manutech, Recruitment Specialist for Engineering and Manufacturing Professions

Fed Manutech is a recruitment agency in Montreal, specializing in engineering and manufacturing. The firm assists you with all your temporary and permanent contract recruitment in the Greater Montreal area for engineering and technical positions.

Working with Fed Manutech is the assurance of working with an expert in the sector for your recruitment needs. The Fed Manutech team is made up of specialists in the industry and is as close as possible to your market and its realities.


Social and diversity commitments: Every candidate interviewed by Fed Manutech is evaluated based on their skills and the suitability of their profile for a position. Our consultants guarantee compliance with the rules of non-discrimination and respect for diversity, in which they are continually trained. They are committed to ensuring compliance with the rules set forth in the Fed Group Diversity Charter. Setting an example is our first commitment.

Work ethics: Fed Manutech adheres to the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to respecting human rights, work standards, environment and anti-corruption policies in every aspect of its business. Our commitments are detailed in our Moral Commitment Charter, received and signed by every Fed Manutech supplier.

Environmental commitments: Fed Manutech, like all Fed Group firms, strictly respects the measures aiming to limit the impact of its activity on the environment, such as: Waste and recycling management, a plan to control the water and energy consumption of its branches, as well as a favorable telecommuting system for its employees.

We do everything to be an exemplary and responsible employer: Visit our Group Fed website to discover our values and our commitments to our employees, candidates, prospects, suppliers, and customers!


To better understand your needs and find the candidate who will best suit your expectations, Fed Manutech developed a unique process adapted to each company:

Understanding needs and issues: Every recruitment is different, which is why every process with Fed Manutech begins with an exchange with one of our market experts to identify your expectations. If necessary, we can also help you define the profile you are looking for, highlight your ads, and on.

Search and identification of candidates: To find your future collaborator, we use all the tools at our disposal, such as our qualified database of engineering candidates met and evaluated by one of our consultants, advertisements on our website and on all our partner sites, hunting on social networks, meetings in professional trade shows of the sector and marketing tools.

Interviews with potential candidates and reference checks: At Fed Manutech, we make it a point of honor to only present you candidates with whom we have had the opportunity to have a thorough interview, during which we evaluate their interpersonal skills, know-how and technical skills. In addition, we also check their professional references.

Presentation of the candidates to the recruiters: We then present you with a shortlist of candidates who have caught our attention. You then have the choice of interviewing them with your teams to continue the recruitment process.

Hiring decision and assumption of duties: The culmination of the recruitment process. We monitor and report on your interviews with the candidates presented and your teams.

Follow-up and accompaniment during the integration phase: We guarantee the follow-up of the integration of your future collaborator within your company, as well as the replacement of the latter free of charge in case of inconclusive collaboration.

Our assessment tools

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a candidate. You may wonder which criteria to favor over others if the candidates’ professional skills are identical.

Fed Manutech can help you decide thanks to tools for evaluating behavioral skills in a professional environment.

What do our assessment tools identify?

The purpose of these tools is to understand how the candidate functions, what their talents are, and what could be some areas for improvement.

  • We gather reliable and objective information
  • We verify that the candidate's profile matches the key skills of a specific position
  • We facilitate the integration of the candidate by highlighting their personal objectives and motivations
  • We identify the right working conditions for the candidate to develop and progress rapidly

What areas are analyzed in our assessments?

Among other things, we base our work on:

  • The meeting and first impressions
  • Sociability
  • The relationship with authority
  • Stress management
  • The potential for responsibility

We are here to help you find the best candidate for your company, the one who will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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