Capital goods, intermediate goods, or consumer goods: all products from the Canadian manufacturing industry. Whether it's health and beauty products, manufactured goods, packaging or advanced equipment, all sectors are represented by our experts at Fed Manutech.

The manufacturing sector represents more than 10% of Canada's GDP. Almost two million people work in the sector full-time: the country's economic future, innovative in its manufacturing processes, depends on it. The industrial sector includes the design, manufacture, and marketing of any type of goods.

At Fed Manutech, we support you in your search for permanent or temporary employment in the Montreal area. As manufacturing recruiters, we offer all types of engineering and technical positions for companies of all sizes through our consultants, who are experts in the industry sector.

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Our field of intervention in the manufacturing and industrial sector

The activity includes all technical and manufacturing jobs in companies of all sizes, Canadian or foreign, for the following industries:

  • Cosmetics
  • Luxury
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Tobacco
  • Toys
  • Furnitures

We hire for positions in those areas of expertise

The positions listed are examples. Many others exist under different terms due to industry standards or specializations. Here is a sample of the most representative positions in terms of skills and responsibilities.

Laboratories / Quality Control Formulation Technician/Engineer; Chemical Technician/Engineer; Microbiology Technician/Engineer; Analytical Development Technician/Engineer; Laboratory Technician; Laboratory Manager/Director
R&D Clinical Project Manager; Clinical Research Manager; R&D Technician; R&D Engineer; R&D Manager; R&D Director
Back office Regulatory Affairs Assistant / Officer; Regulatory Affairs Manager; Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist; Medical Writer; Pharma-covigilance Officer; Pharma-covigilance Pharmacist; Biometrics / Data Management Officer; Compliance Officer
HSE HSE Technician; HSE Engineer; HSE Manager; QHSE Technician; QHSE Engineer; QHSE Manager; HSE Coordinator
After sales After Sales Technician; After Sales Engineer; After Sales Manager; Pre-Sales Engineer; Application; Commissioning Engineer; Hotliner; Technical Trainer; Technical Writer
Quality Quality Technician; Quality Engineer; Quality Manager; Quality Project Manager; Quality Auditor; Quality Metrologist; Quality Pharmacist
Industrial organization Technician / Product Development Manager - Packaging; Product Development Engineer - Packaging; Product Development Manager - Packaging; Methods Technician; Methods Engineer; Methods Manager / Director; Continuous Improvement Engineer; Continuous Improvement Manager / Director; Process Engineer; Industrialization Engineer; Industrialization Manager / Director
Production Sterile Block Operator / Technician; Manufacturing Technician; Line Operator; Manufacturing; Manufacturing Manager; Packaging Line Operator; Packaging Manager; Production Technician; Fitter / Setter; Production Team Leader; Production Engineer; Production Supervisor; Workshop Manager; Production Manager / Director; Plant Manager / Director; Industrial Director
Maintenance Maintenance technician; Maintenance engineer; Maintenance methods technician; Maintenance methods engineer; Maintenance team leader; Maintenance manager; Technical manager; New works engineer; New works manager; Maintenance metrologist; Automatician; Electrical engineer