How to recruit engineers?

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on 21/12/2022

How to recruit engineers?

Engineering is a highly sought-after field of expertise that attracts any company looking to move forward. The problem is that there is more demand for engineers than there are engineers available on the market. Talents are rare and are often already employed elsewhere. So how do you go about recruiting an engineer?

Fed Manutech, our engineering placement agency, gives you 6 tips to make the difference.

1. Write a clear and attractive job offer

The goal is to highlight the position you are offering. Most engineers are already established in the market and already have certain advantages specific to their position: what do you have to offer them that they don't already have?

Write an explicit job offer that clarifies the stakes of the position, lists the tasks expected of the engineer, but also and above all presents the project and the context in which the engineer would evolve.

Also address the benefits related to the position you are proposing. Retirement plans, health insurance, paid vacations, flexible hours, salary... Be honest, but as attractive as possible to stand out. Give yourself the means to hire the best person. Will there be prospects for advancement? Do you have a good understanding of the environment, all the ins and outs of their missions, so that you can present them well and be convincing?

2. Understand engineers

To properly target an engineer's profile, it is best, if not ideal, to understand them. Engineers think in a particular way, shaped by their training. They are generally logical, rigorous, highly organized and methodical. It is therefore necessary to adapt your communication by being precise in your requests, knowing precisely what you want in order to feel the reciprocity.

Moreover, the new generation of workers is less committed and loyal to a company than before. The employer must be more convincing than before, especially in a world where the candidate is regularly approached by different companies. They are not at your disposal, and will no longer be tempted by an inhuman workload. So make sure you offer a reasonable position that is beneficial to both sides.

3. Entrust your needs to an engineering recruitment agency

The advantage of a recruitment agency specialized in engineering is that they understand the sector and know in advance how to address the engineer's profile. They know what questions to ask an engineer during the interview, what skills to target according to the position to be filled, and what's more, they have assessment tools to identify the candidate's key skills and areas for improvement.

Using expert recruiters saves you time and resources. You focus your efforts elsewhere and put your trust in experienced people. What's more, recruiting firms have additional contacts and a network that is often better developed.

4. Work on your employer brand

The employer branding is the way your company is perceived by the public, including candidates. This important concept enhances the value of your company and gives credibility to your job openings. How can you work on it, especially in the context of your recruitment?

  • Improve your online presence, especially through social networks like LinkedIn.
  • Optimize your website to increase your visibility and attract more traffic.
  • Define areas of improvement within your company and with your Human Resources department.
  • Include an environment conducive to innovation and invest in tools that will promote quality and fulfilling work.
  • Be transparent about your ambitions and prospects for progression within the company, the work ethic and the commitments made to contribute to the well-being of employees.

These different points will allow you to gain popularity and reputation, a parameter that is always strongly considered by an engineer candidate who wants to build his career.

5. The recruitment of a foreign worker

If you are unable to recruit a local engineer despite your best efforts, broadening your horizons may be an option. International recruitment of engineers can be considered, given that the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec has agreements with certain countries to obtain the equivalence of engineering diplomas based on studies completed abroad.

How to recruit an engineer internationally?

Recruiting abroad requires market research. You must obtain an LMIA or create a job posting on the Canadian government website. The process can be lengthy, so it is a good idea to anticipate your needs when recruiting abroad.

The foreign engineer will have to take care of obtaining a work permit to come to Quebec, as well as obtaining the equivalence of their international degree from the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. There is a recognition arrangement between Quebec and France to facilitate this equivalence, and the Washington Agreement also facilitates this recognition for other countries.

Fed Manutech assists you in your recruitment of engineers

Our agency specializes in engineering recruitment. Because we have a background in engineering and industry ourselves, we can best connect with engineers in the marketplace and provide them with positions that are tailored to them.

If you're looking to recruit an engineer, contact us to learn more or entrust us with a job.

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